Introduction to agile




This 1/2 day course introduces participants to the values and principles of Agile software development. These are the fundamental building blocks upon which the frameworks such as Scrum, DSDM, DAD, etc are built. Participants will explore these values and principles. Designed to be interactive, they will understand how these values and principles apply to them and their workplaces.

Who will benefit

Anyone curious about or new to Agile. This would be suitable for any role, from an engineer to the CEO of a company.


There are no pre-requisites for taking this course.


Participants will leave with

  • An in-depth understanding of Agile values and principles of software development.
  • Understanding the benefits of applying these values and principles.
  • Understanding how this relates to their individual situations and workplaces.
  • Concrete actions that could be implemented to start fostering an agile environment.


In-person or online workshop format.