Scrum fundamentals




This 2 day course introduces participants to the Scrum framework. The participants will explore the various facets of the Scrum framework in an interactive and engaging session. Through this training, they will also be able to relate their existing roles and responsibilities to the Scrum framework. This training session also includes a simulation to help people get a feel for what it is like to operate within the framework.

Who will benefit

This course is suitable for people working on teams.  It is also relevant for managers and leaders who are managing teams or are responsible for product delivery. This would also be beneficial for entire teams that are starting up with Scrum.


Not a pre-requisite, but it would help for participants to have an understanding of the Agile Values and Principles as per the Agile Manifesto.


Participants will leave with

  • A thorough understanding of the Scrum framework.
  • An understanding of the roles, events and artefacts needed to effectively implement the Scrum framework.
  • A mapping of how their current roles and responsibilities would be reflected within the Scrum framework.
  • An understanding of how the Scrum framework facilitates continuous improvement of the product and the team’s way of working.
  • A taste of how it feels to operate within the Scrum framework.