Scrum Master




This 2 day course introduces participants to the Scrum framework with a focus on the role of the Scrum Master. The participants will explore the various facets of the Scrum framework in an interactive and engaging session. You will learn more about what it means to be a Scrum Master. We will explore the interactions a Scrum Master would have with team members, product owners, management and organisations. We will also delve into the changes in mindset needed to successfully embody the role of a Scrum Master.

Who will benefit

This course is suitable for people who are in the role of a Scrum Master, or want to take on the role of Scrum Master. For organisations in an agile transition, typical candidates could also be Project Managers or Team Leaders.


It would be beneficial for participants to have some experience in an agile environment or to have attended the Scrum Fundamentals course.

It would also be helpful for participants to have an understanding of the Agile Values and Principles as per the Agile Manifesto.


Participants will leave with

  • An understanding of the competencies to be a Scrum Master
  • A thorough understanding of the Scrum framework.
  • The ability to assist the organisation in a transition to the Scrum framework.
  • Understanding the difference between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager.
  • A taste of how it feels to operate within the Scrum framework.
  • The ability to successfully attempt the Professional Scrum Master 1 certification.