Coaching and mentoring of Scrum Masters, team members and leaders

  • Single or multiple sessions designed to help the person find and take ownership of solutions to the specific challenge she/he is struggling with, e.g. related to the ways of working, team dynamics or conflicts. 
  • Conversations will be kept confidential and non-judgmental allowing the SM to show vulnerabilities and discuss challenges that would be difficult to share in a traditional employee/manager relationship.
  • Length of sessions are typically 30 to 60 minutes.   

Coaching in relation to organisational change

  • Assist management with planning and introduction of change initiatives. 
  • Help design activities to involve all employees in the change initiative to increases the understanding of and buy-in to what needs to happen in the organization. 

Facilitate retrospectives for teams and departments 

  • Conduct retrospectives for sprints or longer release cycles with the goal of finding specific improvement initiatives.
  • Length 1 to 4 hours depending of length of sprint and release cycle. 

Facilitate team building activities

  • Help teams to get to know each other and the skill set available within the team. 
  • Define a team vision and work alliance.

Facilitate Story Mapping

  • Help a team discover what functionality is needed in a new product or feature.
  • Create story map and associated product vision. 

Facilitate Design Sprints 

  • Guide a group of 8-10 people through a 4 days design sprint to explore and experiment with ideas for a new product or feature. 
  • A design sprint will result in a validated prototype or mockup that can help set the initial direction for the development team. 

Facilitate Workshops

  • Organize ad hoc workshops and offsites for management teams and larger groups.
  • Help the sponsor design and structure the activities such that it facilitates greater inclusion of all participants. 


  • Introduction to agile
  • Introduction to scrum
  • Scrum master and product owner training
  • Training from the BACK of the room 
  • Customized training to meet specific needs